Bill Thomas

Brand Farm Consultant

Bill has spent his life creating, launching, building and advising consumer brands. PennBilt Brand, Bills Khakis, Duck Head, Levis/Dockers, OOBE Brand, Scott Barber,  Marlboro, Oldsmobile, Cheer & Emotion Kayaks are all household names that Bill has either created, launched or contributed to over the past 30 years.

Bill’s track record of changing customer perceptions, flanking competitive categories, un-tapping market share and building customer advocacy testifies to his belief that deep inside all brands lies a divine spark – one or two unique elements that make a product (or service) special. Identifying that “spark” and telling the story in a compelling manner is the fundamental principle of brand building.

Building a successful brand is the by-product of well informed discovery, sound strategies, creative thinking, teamwork and patience. Ideas are only as good as the resources invested measured against the results delivered.

As the founder and CEO of Bills Khakis, the company was ranked 5 times in INC. Magazine’s Inner-City 100 and Bill was honored as Pennsylvania’s Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.

2022 marks a new era for Bill Thomas with the launch of PennBilt Branda continuation of a life’s work, focused on American-made, that started with the discovery of a pair of WWII khakis.

Skill Set:
Strategy, Planning, Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, Merchandising, Product Development, Design, Creative, Customer Service, Manufacturing & Fulfillment.

Executive Experience:
Pennbilt Brand, Duck Head (Oxford Industries), Levi Strauss, Bills Khakis, OOBE Brand, Scott Barber, Leo Burnett Co.



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